Lighting design

When renovating or building, it's important to first think about the specific purpose of lighting in each room.

Many rooms need two types of lighting and each need different lights and fittings. For example, you may use a standard ceiling light for general lighting and all over illumination for your lounge room, but you may also want small lamps to illuminate a specific area for reading or a desk – often referred to as 'task lighting'. Accent lighting can also be used for decorative or dramatic effects.

Lighting design at home should be a balance of meeting your family's lighting needs, maximizing energy efficiency and functionality, and consideration of the aesthetic impact supplied by the lighting system.

Talk to a professional

Every home is different and there are many different options for lighting your home. To help you weigh up the costs and benefits of each option it's best to speak to an expert. Contact your local lighting retailer for more information.

The YourHome website has more information on lighting considerations.

Where can I find more information

The Australian Government has also developed the Your Energy Savings website, which includes information, fact sheets and tips on energy efficient lighting.

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